Login Process is a website created and maintained by Kroger. The main aim of this website was to make it easy for employees to have access to all the information like work schedule, pay stubs, holidays, access to the benefits, and also makes it easy for all employees to communicate with each other. This website saves all the manual work and increases efficiency.



  • An electronic device like a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or PC.
  • Make sure that the device has an active internet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • You should have your login credentials before you start the login process.

Things To Note

  • Keep in mind to not share your user id and password with anyone.
  • Do not login with your details to any other fraud websites.
  • Type the password in the proper case because it is case-sensitive login process

Follow these steps to log into your Kroger account.

  • Open the web browser.
  • Visit the link
  • You will see the homepage of Kroger.
  • There will be two fields.
  • One will be of the username and the other will be the password.
  • Fill your credentials in the provided field.
  • Find the ‘Login’ button and click on it.


How To Recover Username?

In case you forgot your username, follow these steps to recover your username.

  • Method 1: Ask the HR department about usernames and explain your situation. They will help you and give you your username.
  • Method 2: While logging in you will see a ‘What’s next’ option beside the username field. Follow the prompts and it will help you in recovering your username.


How To Recover Password?

If you have forgotten your password then here are the steps to reset the password.

  • Open the website on your browser.
  • Click on the ‘What’s next’ option beside the password field.
  • Follow the prompts.
  • It will send a password reset link to your email.
  • Reset your password.
  • Use this password every time you log in.




How To Take Kroger Survey?

  • To take the Kroger Survey go to the official website
  • Write the survey code that is on your Kroger receipt.
  • Fill in the personal details that are asked.
  • Enter the survey.
  • Answer all the questions of the survey honestly.
  • Once you are done with the survey you will be sent the 50 fuel points reward information on your phone number and email.

Contact Information About Kroger

Kroger has over 2,700 branches spread all across the world and is among the most popular grocery stores in the United states. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that it is always ready to help its customers. There are different customer services for different locations.

If you have any doubts or need any information about a product you can contact the customer service you can also file any complaint that you might have. You can either call on the contact number of Kroger or you can mail your complaint and it will be solved in 24 hours.

Kroger Customer Helpline Number: 1-866-221-4141

Mail Address: The Kroger Co, Customer Relations, 1014 Vine Street, Ohio 45202-1100



Kroger is one of the most popular retail stores in the United States. It has a pharmacy, grocery stores, supermarkets, etc, and owns over 2,700 stores all over the world directly or indirectly. In this article, we told you all about Kroger, how to login to, and how to take the Kroger survey and the contact information of Kroger.

Hope you found the information useful. Thank you for reading the post.